The Participants


AUSTRIA Gerhard Langer (Vienna)
“Religious Education in Judaism between Fundamentalism and political powerlessness” 

GERMANY Friedrich Schweitzer (Tübingen)
“Education for tolerance: Secular or religious?”

ROMANIA Stefan Buchiu (Bucharest)
“Religious education: not a dogma in public schools, but an investment for future generation`s moral behavior”

ROMANIA Otniel Bunaciu (Bucharest)
“Learning from the other about living together; a Baptist perspective on religious freedom and reconciliation in the context of contemporary religious challenges”

ROMANIA Mircea Dumitru (Bucharest)
“On Toleration, Charity, and the Dialogue between the Religions”

ROMANIA Yusuf Murat (Constanța)
“Islamic religious education in Romania; it is also possible peaceful coexistence of religions?”

ROMANIA: Răzvan Theodorescu (Bucharest)
“An European Space of Tolerance”



AUSTRIA Martin Rothgangel (Vienna)

"Anti-Semitism as a Challenge for Religious Education"

CYPRUS Areti Demosthenous (Nicosia)
“Peace Education in Cyprus at a time of Conflicts and Radicalisation”

DENMARK Mark Sedgwick (Aarhus)
“The Traditional Islam movement as counter-radicalism”

FINLAND Arto Kallioniemi (Helsinki)
”Developing Muslim Religious Education and Muslim Teacher Education - an Approach from Finland"

GREAT BRITAIN Farid Panjwani (London)
“Teaching History: the case of Islam and modernist historiography”

ISRAEL Ayman Agbaria (Haifa)
“Engaging critically with religious authority in Islamic education: A socio-theological perspective on intellectual rigidness”

ITALY Mariachiara Giorda (Bologna)
“The Trojan Horse? Religious education in Italy”

LATVIA Dzintra Ilisko (Daugavpils)
“Building bridges over troubled waters or learning ‘to live together’”

MOLDOVA Viorica Goras-Postica (Chișinău)
”Religious Education in Republic of Moldova; official approaches, problems and successful practices”

NETHERLANDS Cok Bakker (Utrecht)
“The unavoidable subjective representation of a religion and the RE-teacher as moral agent”

SPAIN Juan Ferreiro Galguera (Coruna)
“Spain: teaching or religion in public school in a Non Confesional (or secular) State. The constitutional principle of cooperation makes the difference of the Spanish legal perspective”

TURKEY Osman Taştan (Ankara)
"Human Rights and Religious Education through Islamic Legal Theory"

TURKEY Nuri Tinaz (Marmara)
“The Importance of Secular State Religious Education Policies for the Sake of Tolerance and Moderate Religiosity – The Case of Turkey”



Adriana Cupcea (Cluj-Napoca)
“Islam in Dobruja (Romania), interactions between local tradition and transnational influences”

Constantin Iulian Damian (Iasi)
”History and Philosophy of Religions in Orthodox Theological Schools: An Antidote to Religious Radicalisation?”

Valentin Ilie (Bucharest)
“’Religion’ as a discipline of study in the public schools: religious education or spiritual initiation?”

Liviu Vidican-Manci (Cluj-Napoca)
“Religious education in the context of religious pluralism in Transylvania; from a diachronic perspective”



GERMANY Raid al-Daghistani (Münster)
“Rethinking Sufism – Spiritual Education as a Means against Religious Radicalism in Islam”

ROMANIA Ioniţă Apostolache; Adrian George Boldişor (Craiova)
“The religious and interreligious education in the context of secular challenges. Key issues in Oltenia region”

ROMANIA Daniel Cergan (Cluj-Napoca)
“Religious Education in Romanian public schools, from the human rights perspective”

FRANCE Lucian Cirlan (Paris-Sorbonne)
“Religious Education and Laicité in France. From separation to cooperation"

ROMANIA Cezar Dascalu (Bucharest)
“Religious education versus Sexual education in Romania. Secularization, Radicalism and Tolerance”

ROMANIA Marius Oblu (Bucharest)

The role of religious education in developing the concept ‘security culture’”

ROMANIA Daniela Stan (Constanța)
“Religious education in Dobrogea, an important element of social construction”